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iNova Pharmaceuticals strives to be different to the average pharmaceutical company – we pride ourselves on being lean, agile, consumer-focussed and solution-driven.

While we do not have internal clinical Research and Development capabilities, we do have a fully-resourced in-house Innovation team that is responsible for driving innovation across the organisation, particularly in the area of new product development.

The Innovation team’s mission is to fast-track the delivery of next-generation formulations and formats to consumers across the therapeutic areas and regions in which we operate, and thereby deliver optimal health and well-being outcomes. The Innovation team is supported by a very experienced Operations team, who help to bring product innovations to life utilising our extensive network of external manufacturers and partners.

If you are a product formulator or developer worldwide and would like to partner with us to bring new and innovative products to market we would love to hear from you. We are looking for efficacious, evidence-based products with innovative formulations and novel formats. We welcome the opportunity to work with fresh thinkers and like-minded business partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Innovation team