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iNova Pharmaceuticals boasts a diverse portfolio of trusted prescription products and heritage consumer health brands.  We are very proud of our rich and eclectic product history – which is rooted in small businesses with bright ideas, an aspiration to improve peoples’ health and well-being, scientific research and discovery, and hard work.  We try to honour our heritage and retain that character in our current day business.

iNova Pharmaceuticals can trace its roots back to 1846, when William Riker founded Riker Laboratories in Manhattan, manufacturing and selling medicines out of a small store.

Riker Laboratories expanded globally to South Africa in 1952 and then to Australia in 1958.

In 1963, Riker Laboratories Australia acquired R.D Toppin & Sons, a contract manufacturer, and moved product manufacturing to a site in Thornleigh in NSW, Australia.

In 1970, 3M Pharmaceuticals acquired Riker Laboratories.

The Riker Laboratories and 3M Pharmaceuticals era was a very rich period for product research and development and product licensing, with flagship products such as Difflam, Duro-Tuss/Pholtex, Norgesic, Rikodeine, Aldara, Metsal, Hiprex, Nuelin, Tambocor and Duromine launched during that period.

3M Pharmaceuticals sold its branded pharmaceutical interests globally in 2006 and the business that was spun-off in Australia, Asia-Pacific and Africa became known as iNova Pharmaceuticals.

During 2011, all internal manufacturing ceased, and our Australian-based plant was closed, with production outsourced to a global network of external contract manufacturers.

In 2011, iNova Pharmaceuticals was acquired by US-based Valeant Pharmaceuticals and a significant number of new products were added to the portfolio, including Dermaveen, NYAL, Invisible Zinc, Maxolon, Pevaryl and the Georen range of market-leading Vitamins and Supplements (such as Preg-Omega and Staminogro) in South Africa.  The relationship with Valeant Pharmaceuticals ended in October 2017 when the company was acquired by our current owners.

Our most recent chapter is our most dynamic yet.  iNova Pharmaceuticals has exciting plans to extend its reach and further supplement its established portfolio with new brands and products, through product innovation and business development activities.  Since 2017, we have already welcomed some significant new brands into the iNova stable such as Creche Guard, Flugon, Contrave, Dequadin, Valda, BLIS Probiotics and Demazin.

Today, iNova Pharmaceuticals is a thriving organisation with a vibrant, dynamic team working hard to deliver trusted brands that help people’s health and well-being every day.

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